Illicit Trade of the Small Arms and Light Weapons

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    Illicit Trade of the Small Arms and Light Weapons

    We are,

    Alarmed by the high speeded proliferation of the illicit trade of
    small arms.

    Concerned about the fact that some illegal factories are producing
    small arms.

    Points out the arms left in the hand of some of the countries are the
    main reasons to the conflicts.

    Strongly points out the easiness of the small arms’ usage in cities.

    Stresses the importance of the laws and that can make ones give up.

    Concerned about the close relations between terrorism, drug trade and
    illegal trade of small arms and light weapons.

    Aware of the fact that huge percentage of small arms product belongs
    to Western Europe and United States. According to that fact, control
    mechanisms in these areas must be strengthened more.

    Aware of the fact that in %90 of countries’ control over their
    exports and imports lessens day by day.

    Supporting the UN Register of Conventional Arms and considers the
    register as the most importent component of such a control.

    Fully supporting the provisions of the OSCE Documentation of Small
    Arms and Light Weapons.

    1) Recommending a highly technologized export and import control
    system that is in usage in Kazakhstan.

    2) Requesting being the leader of the users of this system in
    order to make governments see the advantages of this system.

    3) Urging governments to strengthen their national export and
    import legislations.

    4) Urging legal weapon producers to put new technology items
    that can make weapons tracked.

    5) Proceeding from the fact that strengthening the control over
    legal production will not be a step as practical and useful as the
    universality of the UN Register, strengthening of regional measures,
    including OSCE measures, as well as the UN and other international
    instutitions’ assistance in the field of small arms arsenal reduction
    through its elimination and redemption.

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