Şarkı Sözü 2012 Eurovision Bosna Hersek

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    2012 Eurovision Bosna Şarkısı Sözleri

    Korake Ti Znam Erovizyon Şarkısı

    Everything I love
    Hurts me the most
    I still clearly hear
    Those steps when You're gone...

    On and on tryin' to understand
    You have many worries
    And I, I need to tell You that
    Not now, 'cause You're in a hurry...

    Everything I lost
    Miss' the kindness You give
    When, where, I don't know
    And if I ask, You just leave...

    After all we've said and done
    You seem more than strong
    After all I don't know where
    Did I go wrong...

    Don't make it harder these days
    I need love, don't hurt my feelings
    You've never suffered this way
    'Cause if You did, how come I'm bleeding, on and on
    No more hiding, no lying
    Will You give me reason to live
    'Cause I'm dying...

    After all I don't know how and where to start
    As if we never, never said before
    'Till death do us apart...'

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