Heinrich Rudolf Hertz 155th Birthday

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    155th birthday Heinrich Rudolf Hertz - Heinrich Rudolf Hertz 155th birthday

    155 Rudolf Hertz who discovered radio waves Google celebrates birthday with Hertz logo. Hertz waves in an oscilloscope can be seen, however, Google presented us with a nice animated gif.

    Heinrich Rudolf Hertz was born in Hamburg, Germany on February 22, 1857 died January 1, 1894 in Bonn. Physical work that puts a lot of the short life of the famous physicist, one of those scientists Fizik'in valuable.

    Studied physics at the University of Berlin under the direction of the Helmholtz and Kirchoff. In 1885 he became Professor of Physics at the University of Karlsruhe. There, in 1888, he discovered radio waves, which is the most important achievement. Rudolf Clausius, a professor of physics at the University of Bonn in 1889, was replaced. Experiments with the passage of certain metal films of cathode rays, cathode rays, the wave nature of particles rather than as a result they gave birth. The discovery of radio waves, showing the formation and determination of rates of some of Hertz's many successes. A radio-wave velocity was found to be the same as the speed of light, Hertz, such as radio waves, light waves, reflection, refraction, and demonstrated the capabilities of enterprise. Has made many contributions to science throughout his life short. Hertz per second is defined as a vibration, referred to by his name. An experiment conducted by laboratories spread one side of the electric spark has observed that the magnetic wave is felt by a wire ring. Your Name proved the existence of another kind of electromagnetic radio waves. Function as reflected by collecting radio waves of light seen in the same manner showed. Studies made by Hertz, Maxwell put forward earlier, the theory of electromagnetic waves, electrical waves form shows the same behavior had been proven.
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